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To promote an organic growth of a business/individual through strategic positioning, knowledge transfer and productive alliances


Pragmatic Technology practices building complex and dynamic application services spanning the full Software Development Life Cycle. We can build custom applications as well as modernize and migrate legacy applications. New applications can eliminate manual processes, and improve responsiveness and quality. We build web & desktop based systems, as well as mobile applications to support your unique business needs and to provide strategic business advantage to your business. We focus on leveraging emerging technologies and platforms to enhance capability and reduce capital expenditure. We implement our proprietary methodology focusing on rapid, evolutionary and periodic delivery of working softwares and incorporating immediate feed-backs to ensure the process delivers the targeted business value.

Pragmatic Technology greatly values what you feel about your business. It agree to the fact that to convert the “intangible feeling towards your business” into some “tangible outcomes” requires a great deal of art of brand strategy. The promise your brand makes is the purpose of your business and it is a factor that differentiates you and your competitor. We can brainstorm with you to implement the functional and intentional views of your business purpose. We intend to deliver a consistent and cohesive messages through your brand that converts into customer loyalty and their emotion. However, we also believe in the human-nature of being changeable and adaptable and incorporate those in the brand strategy to keep things fresh. By involving customers, employees and businesses; we formulate tactics and strategies to achieve what you want to see about your business and the contributions it makes to the people.

Pragmatic Technology greatly values dynamic entrepreneurship. It feels its role to provide start-ups a nurturing, instructive and supportive environment needed to develop and grow their businesses. We offer everything from virtual support, rent-a-desk, rent-a-room, intensive business support as well as access to finance and experts. Our goal is to increase the chance that a start-up will succeed. We try our best to shorten the time and reduce the cost of establishing and growing new businesses. Sustainability and Organic growth of a start-up and to act as a catalyst to accelerate and facilitate its business model is our premise.

Pragmatic Technology consults on business process transformation to improve performance, reduce costs, improve resilience and increase effectiveness through the best use of Information Technology. IT is not just a support function in an organization but it is a key business driver. The trends of Data Analytic tools, HR and CRM Tools and Project Management etc. are transforming the fabric of business processes enabling an organization to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. We enable organizations to harness the power of its IT investments by identifying, developing, implementing, monitoring systems backed up by an efficient and fact-based feedback system.

Pragmatic Technology runs an intermediate sized internship program to evolve the process of effectively managing the interns to get more value from the program and also assisting the interns to be full time employees in the market. We recruit students for the right reasons and involve them in short-term projects where they could be an asset. We always make sure that an intern has a dedicated project and assign them a manager/mentor who enjoys working with the interns. We greatly encourage interns to ask more questions and also show them a big picture about how their contributions is fulfilling the "knowledge" and "job" gap in the projects. Through the proper use of tools and job-design, we ensure that an intern gets a professional environment and work accomplishing activities so that they become more familiar with how things are done in the industry. An "Internship Program" offers our company an exciting dynamics and it offers the intern a new way of thinking, teamwork attitude and fun. We offer compensations in the form of knowledge, training, exposure, finance etc. depending on the nature of project an intern is involved in.

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Selecting measures to assess performance and relying on performance data and activity reports as a fact to compare against the pre-conceived objectives to determine the strategy is our approach of operation. Any process or activity within our organization is followed by the relevant and timely evaluation and control program that helps us establish the benchmarks and develop appropriate control system to support specific strategies. We always take our time to see if the functional strategies are consistent with the corporate strategies. In the past, we have encountered several problems while measuring performances like goal-displacement, short-term orientation etc. By Learning through experience, we have devised measures to cope with such control problems to ensure the performance and standards coincide.

Pragmatic Technology strives for creating values for its clients, shareholders, employees, alliance partners and for the trainees by aligning their needs with the corporate goals and vice-versa. We assess the values not only in terms of financial measures, but also in terms of intangible drivers like management capabilities, innovation, people, ideas, relations and brand. We strongly believe that the value creation is the long-term management goal to enhance competitiveness and growth. Deploying capital the right way, developing more talent, strengthening the alliances, harnessing the innovation and ideas, etc. are some of our strategic models of value creation. Understanding the sources and drivers of value creation within the industry and to formulate the map to convert intangible assets into tangible outcomes are our ways of thinking.


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The "entrepreneurial spirit" is the most significant economic development in the recent trends. With amazing vigor, small businesses have introduced innovative products and services, pushed back technological frontiers, created new jobs and opened foreign markets. For the last 7 years Pragmatic technology has grown by identifying significant opportunities and assembling the necessary resources to capitalize on them. With our mission to work together with different entrepreneurs; we strive to promote an organic growth of a business/individual through strategic positioning, knowledge transfer and productive alliances. We have business incubation center facility with an infrastructure where we provide a nurturing environment for new entrepreneurs and transfer the business know-hows at our best to promote them with excellence in internal operations and customer service. We are also open to work with established businesses to harness the potential through mutual understanding and skillset sharing.

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Pragmatic Technology announces 10 internship positions for its trainees starting this January. We have an extensive and market-oriented training programs which concludes with Internship opportunities for all its students. During this program students are either incorporated in a real time projects or some ideas of the students themselves.

Internship program is of minimum 2 months duration and students are required to spend upto 4 hours at the office during this period. Students are provided with all the opportunities to implement whatever they have gained during the training program. This internship guarantees the portfolio building, market exposure, and technical skill enhancement of students. They will be made familiar with all the tools we use during any real time work e.g. agile tools. This is a Paid or Unpaid internship during which any student will be given all the facilities, resources (books) for the fixed amount of time to harness the skills in them.

At the end of the internship period, students will be encouraged and assisted to look for jobs in the relevant field.

We offer various trainings in which internship positions are open. Got to http://pragtechs.com -> Services -> Knowledge Transfer (Training) to see the courses we offer. Or you can mail to info@pragtechs.com for the details about course content and fee-structure.

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