Pragmatic Technology has been established by a group of IT professionals as a platform to close the gap between the educational institution and IT industry. Our motto is to provide a practical approach to IT. So please join hands with us in any form you like to help us to set a new definition of IT.

Succeed With Us

Pragmatic Technology is a platform where you can evolve new ideas and materialize your ideas with us. We are here for your professional help. The experiences that we have in the field of education and IT will be shared among us to make a better environment for IT. You can grow your ideas with us and head towards your own entrepreneurship or profession. The door is always open for counseling. It’s your time to take a step forward to stand and work with us.


  • Web Design & Development

  • XHTML/CSS 2 & 3 Slicing

  • Customized Desktop Applications

  • Consultancy Services

  • E-commerce

  • IT Trainings

  • Extentions & Plugins

  • Web Hosting

  • Domain Registration


Way To Web
World Wide Web has brought the whole world in the control of our mouse clicks. There is no any boundary or obstacle so why don’t you take yourself and your business to the web. We are here to provide you the way to web, either providing you the e-commerce solution or personal sites. Besides that we are always ready to help the professionals and students who want to sharpen their knowledge on web development and web technology.

Progresive Strategy
Our target is not only to provide IT solutions and professionals training but to constantly evolve with the cutting edge technologies. We have a research and development section where we will be dealing with the cutting edge technology. We are focused on improvement of both the commercial and intellectual perspective of not only our team member but all of those who are associated with us. We are here to lead you from the front in the field of IT.